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Dudley’s Fantastic Body Texturizing Setting Lotion creates body, sheen and a firm hold for wet setting, sculpting and blow-drying

Gives firm hold to wet sets
Dries without stickiness or gumminess
Imparts radiant sheen
Detangles instantly
Shields hair from heat
Smoothes cuticle roughness
Eliminates static
Dries fast
Does not contain alcohol
Great for roller sets

Fantastic Body Set Lotion 8 fl. oz.

    1. Shampoo the hair.
    2. Towel blot to remove excess water from the hair.
    3. Spray the setting lotion on the hair with a spray bottle.
    4. Comb through the hair for even distribution.
    5. Blow-dry or set the hair.
    • Note: Add more setting lotion if the hair dries before completing the set.
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