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Dudley Beauty College - Washington DC Campus

Our Happy Students

Dudley Beauty College offers all the same Products, you would experience in a regular salon without the salon price.

My overall experience at Dudley was extremely positive. I felt that I got a very quality education while also being in an environment where I had fun. My instructors were extremely helpful and dedicated. They have a passion for the industry which they let shine through in their teaching! 



“I definitely had a lot of doors open to me with the Dudley name behind me. I was more prepared to go into the salon — I knew how salons worked, what they expected, how to be a good intern, average salary, how to do well in an interview, etc.



“I feel really comfortable and supported here. When I started at the institute I felt that I was behind in life. Now I have a ton of new friends and I’m well on my way to having a career.



When I chose Dudley it was because of the mission, the dedication to the environment and beauty through technique and natural products. Everything I’ve put into this program was given back to me tenfold. When I started, I had no idea how to even blow dry hair. Now I’m an accomplished student with a set of skills for a bright career.



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